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16 Oct 2016 

To take advantage of this offer, enter your email address before closing this window. Reflector trims use a highly polished smooth interior trim to maximize the amount of light produced from the bulb. Understanding whether you need IC or Non-IC rated components is the other critical aspect to picking the right housing. Free shipping and/or free return offers apply only to shipments made to the 48 continental U.S. states. Low voltage is a more energy efficient alternative that uses a 12 volt current instead of a 120 volt current. Before you buy, you'll want to ask a few questions about your lighting project: New construction or a remodel? When designing your space, make sure to consider the lighting function, layout, and desired light output for your home. The final ?technical? component decision is to determine whether you want line or low voltage. DON'T MISS A DEAL! Example: If the existing fixture uses 4 100-watt bulbs. 4 x 100= 400 watts total capacity You can safely install up to 400 watts of lighting on the circuit.

And, while youre lucky to get two to five years of life from a CFL bulb, LED bulbs can last 20 years or more. But trying to figure out which LED bulbs to buy can lead to a lot of head scratching. Heres what you need to know before you shop. Look for the Lighting Facts label on the back or side of the packaging, and pay particular attention to two terms: "Brightness" and "Light Appearance." Brightness: Forget WattsThink Lumens Gone are the days when the wattage on a light bulb package tells you how bright it is. When shopping for an LED bulb, look for the number of lumens directly across from "Brightness" on the Lighting Facts label. Wattage equivalents, usually on the front of the package, are only meant to get you in the ballpark. If you're replacing a 100-watt incandescent bulb, you'll want an LED that produces about 1,600 lumens. A replacement for a 40-watt incandescent bulb should produce about 450 lumens. Light Appearance: Choose Warm or Cool to Suit Your Use "Light Appearance" on the Lighting Facts label refers to color temperature, which is measured as Kelvin (K). For table lamps or living room light fixtures, choose a bulb of about 2,700 to 3,000 K to get a warm light similar to the light from older incandescent light bulbs.

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Be the master in driving with experienced instructors Planning to take driving lessons Orange County? Even simple things such as a sink getting backed up can ruin your plans so having access to emergency services is valuable. If you are a best manager then give each issue to the owner. W. 51 Division, 51 Parliament St. 52 Division, 255 Dundas St. reactors Are Your Best Friend When it Comes to Buying and Selling in Toronto If you're thinking of getting into the real estate game in Toronto and surrounding areas, one thing is for certain - you need an experienced professional on your team. The parents desire that their children will not forget their roots or where they are really from. It's way better to prevent a problem than to fix it. Solid shutters are best suited for old style homes and offices whereas plantation types are ideal for newly built houses. Car Maintenance Services from the Dealerships Oakville Trusts Hassle free Collision Repair Mississauga If you have been in a collision the last thing you want to be bothered about is the repairs of your car. Filipino women are expected to play hard to get.  

It is important to have a working understanding to anything you do in life. This is particularly true with regards to home improvement projects. There are many home improvements you can do yourself if you have the right advice. The advice presented below can help you tackle any home improvement job with greater confidence.

Engage a professional designer or architect to develop plans when you want to undertake a major home improvement project. If you lack formal training in this area, the plans you create may be heavy on esthetics and light on functionality. Designers with a professional background can develop strong plans that not only are beautiful, but that are functional and meet all current building codes.

Stained wood is almost always more appealing than painted wood on baseboards. This type of baseboard oozes classic appeal, and you can never go wrong with wood's warm ambiance. In addition, stained baseboards hide scuff marks and are easier to maintain than painted baseboards. There are several colors to choose from so you can match any decor.

Small rooms can seem cramped and gloomy, but they do not have to stay this way. Get some light in there! Shine your windows and raise the blinds. Few things make a room appear larger and more spacious than strategic use of natural light. Use pale colors on your walls and avoid clutter. All of a sudden, your small room will feel less cramped.

The majority of things homeowners want to do to improve their homes can be done without expert help. Having the right information is, of course, an important part of a successful improvement. With any luck, you've learned how important knowledge and preparation are with regards to home improvement. The best of luck to you in all of your home improvement endeavors!

Conversely, ?Remodel? housings are less bulky and appropriate when you have limited or no access to the space above the new fixture. To be used in a trade show booth. - Cheryl in North Royalton, OH Needed something to cover recessed lights in a kitchen. They are suitable for new construction or remodels, for insulated IC or non-insulated ceilings non-IC, are line or low voltage and come in a wide range of lamping options. There are a few exceptions, though: For orders under $25, the fee is $4.95. The actual shipping charge which at minimum is $24 will be calculated during checkout and is based on the order total. We wanted light in These turned out very well. ?R? bulbs are most common and have a reflective surface included on the back of the bulb. If you plan to use more watts than the existing fixture, have an electrician determine what the circuit can carry.

10 pot lights white trim and each one has a 75-watt bulb included. These are for new construction installation and are non insulated ceiling rated. Overall width of a can is 5 inches in diameter. Overall height of the can is 6 inches including the electrical connection box. In fine working condition. Renovation has us going in a different direction. If the ad is up the lights are still available. These were professionally installed by an electrician and are fine for reuse. Ad #

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Do.ot use bulbs with wattage greater than specified for this fixture. Many feature Juno recessed lighting components. These trims feature large uniform grooves which are designed to absorb excess light. Line voltage is recommended when you have high ceilings and/or the need to provide general illumination to a room, as you can use up to a 150W bulb. Whether installing a new recessed light or replacing the trim, we offer a wide assortment of options. No transformer or special dimmers are needed. I actually bought this to put in my toilet, but my carpenter and I thought it would look awesome in the living room area or kitchen--so I will be ordering more. good product made of metal not plastic works fine for light inserts Hard to go wrong on these, but good quality and great price. Sizing Recessed Light Fixtures Whether you choose fixtures with standard line voltage, low voltage halogen, or fluorescent fixtures, the basic sizes are 4-, 5-, or 6-inches in diameter. You may need a shallow ceiling housing, and the wire may have to be fished through the ceiling frame. Finally, if you need to be able to dim your recessed light fixtures, you will want to see the controls available from Legrand adore . Decorative Trim: Decorative trims have become very popular over the last few years.

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15 Oct 2016 

As far as home improvement projects go, heated floors are an economical way to update your home and boost your equity. ?Hot air? rises but ?heat? can travel in many directions. All rights reserved. Warmzone is an established leading provider of radiant heated floor systems, with expertise in both electric and hydronic floor systems. The tubing or cable can be embedded in a thick concrete foundation slab commonly used in ?slab? ranch houses that don't have basements or in a thin layer of concrete, gypsum, or other material installed on top of a sub floor. Which one is best for your project? Some general rules of thumb: Materials with thermal-conducting properties stone, concrete, ceramic tile conduct, transfer, and hold heat effectively while withstanding high temperatures. Send us your project information to receive a FREE QUOTE or call 888.488.9276 and upgrade your home's comfort and heating efficiency with a radiant heated floor today!     The caveat is that they come with higher initial costs because they're more complicated to install and require heated water from a boiler or a water heater.

"As our fleet continues to grow, we will look for new ways to bring our unique destination-focused approach to more regions of the world. There are no kids onboard, and there are no umbrella drinks. Instead, our Caribbean itineraries are inspired by iconic 18th century navigation routes and were developed to highlight the rich history and culture of the region." Continue Reading Viking Star, the first 930-passenger ocean ship from Viking Cruises, sails past One World Trade Center in lower Manhattan on Thursday, Oct. 13, 2016 as it calls on New York for the first time. Currently sailing its inaugural North American itinerary, Viking Star will continue onto the Caribbean where it will cruise this winter. For more information, visit Beyond the Empire State Building, Viking Star, the first 930-passenger ocean ship from Viking Cruises, prepares to dock in Manhattan for the first time on Thursday, Oct. 13, 2016. Currently sailing its inaugural North American itinerary, Viking Star will continue onto the Caribbean where it will cruise this winter. For more information, visit

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Try again or visit Twitter Status for more information. Louis, GGGGMO; Owner: COMMUNITY BROADCASTING, IC. If there isn?t a table or desk near you, cover your face and head with your arms and crouch in an inside corner of the building. Free shuttles available from designated parking lots. Oakville, MO - Peer Comparisons by Rank and Percentile The table below compares Oakville to the other 1,032 incorporated cities, towns and CDs in Missouri by rank and percentile using July 1, 2015 data. This has already been marked as containing sensitive content. Louis, MO; Owner: WMUZ RADIO, IC. Louis, MO; Owner: KPLR, IC.

In terms of your home, it should be made as beautiful and comfortable as it can be. The best way to improve your home is to add your personal taste by learning about different projects and taking them on yourself. This article is going to help you with some advice concerning making home improvements.

Rather than replacing your kitchen cabinets, what about refinishing them? It is possible to paint the baseboards and add new doors and pulls in order to transform them. It is a more affordable way to improve the look of the kitchen.

If you are not bound financially, install the real hard wood flooring, rather than the laminate. Although laminate looks like the real thing, you can refinish it. In 10 or so years you or whoever owns the home will be required to get a whole new floor rather than refinishing it.

Paint stripes on your old walls prior to installing panels. Regardless of your skill, it seems inevitable that some of the old wall will show through. In order to lessen this showing, measure the meeting point of the panels. If you have paneling, make sure your paint color matches!

A good place to start home renovation is the kitchen. Start by cleaning the walls with a mix of water and TSP. Eliminate the grease and any excess paint on the walls. A good color choice for a kitchen is tan. Your kitchen will always look great if you choose this color.

Almost anyone of any experience level can fix leaky faucets. If you can figure out how to fix these issues quickly, you will minimize the water that gets wasted every day. You can save significant amounts of money from these projects on your water bill each month.

You may be thinking of adding a traditional wood fireplace to your home. You may want to rethink that. Besides any consideration of the looks (and smells) of such a fireplace, you need to know that it is never that efficient. A great deal of the air it heats escapes directly up the chimney. Keeping the fire going requires lots of oxygen, too, which might necessitate ventilation that can reduce or even cancel out the fireplace's heating effect.

You should be sure you put some of the tips you've learned into practice. Remember what you've read, get the necessary supplies and carve out some time for you to get to work. You may be able to enjoy yourself and enjoy your work results.

Our branches in Europe and South America are successfully growing and have been selling ThermoSoft products for many years. See Manor House Stables, A Champion's Home Reborn for more. With Digital Floor Sensing Thermostat UL Listed for USA and Canada + TH115-AF-GA Thermostat, Install Monitor and Cable Guides, UL LISTED Includes: Thermostat, Install Monitor and Cable Guides Sellers with highest buyer ratings Sellers with highest buyer ratings Learn more about Amazon Prime. Electric radiant floor heating and snow melting provide affordable luxury. The systems depend largely on radiant heat transfer -- the delivery of heat directly from the hot surface to the people and objects in the room via infra-red radiation. Our knowledgeable technical services and customer service team can answer your questions about floor heating and snow melting. ComfortTile floor heating mats include a red heating cable that is woven into an adhesive-backed fibreglass mesh, and can be ordered in various lengths of 24-inch widths for easy installation. Radiant panels have the quickest response time of any heating technology and -- because the panels can be individually controlled for each room?the quick response feature can result in cost and energy savings compared with other systems when rooms are infrequently occupied.

Built in 1894 by Harvey Chatten, the Victorian Revival church is known for its stained glass windows and stone work. The roots of the church date to 1891 and was the first English-speaking Lutheran church in Quincy. 1269 Park Place, which was previously known as the "Pink Lady." Built in 1890, the home has went through many changes, with owners altering the home, but has recently been restored. The residence features stained glass windows, beaded banisters with hand-spun spindles and hand-carved accents. 1224 Park, also known as the August and Anna Dorkenwald house. One of the most expensive homes built on the block, it features six bedrooms and gentleman's parlor. The exterior showcases Greek Revival columns, a massive lathe-turned balustrade, brick detailing around windows, decorative mullions on the upper story windows and zippered corners on the angular bay. 1254 Park Place, which was designed by George Behrensmeyer for the home for the Frank Dick family, of Quincy Dick Bros. Brewery.

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Shopping.or radiant floor heating: The Radiant Panel Association, a non-profit trade group promoting radiant heating, has a directory of members 8 . Most commercially available radiant panels for homes are electrically heated. For more on the pros and cons of each system and which might be better suited to you, see Radiant Floor Heating: Electric Cs. Electric radiant floors typically consist of electric cables built into the floor. RT @mosaikhomes : That is a great luxury to have! Thick concrete slabs are ideal for storing heat from solar energy systems, which have a fluctuating heat output. When entering a room, the occupant can increase the temperature setting and be comfortable within minutes. As an architect who has supervised and survived many remodels, I have experienced radiant floor heating in other people's houses and covet it in my own. FAQs about Radiant Heating Get answers to frequently asked questions about concrete floors with radiant heating. While all flooring materials can be used with heated floors, some work more effectively than others. You can further categorize these types by installation.

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14 Oct 2016 

Here's.ow the two compare: Electric radiant-floor heating systems are easier and more affordable to install, but more expensive to operate, making them ideal for heating small areas. ThermoSoft is a worldwide recognized name Our products have been featured on HDTV, PVC TV, day Network, WBBM Radio and in several remodelling magazines, newspaper home sections and related shows. Among the many benefits: Your feet are always toasty warm, the temperature is consistent and easy to control, you won't feel the drafts or hear the noise of blowing air, and no dust or allergens get circulated within your home through air vents. Reflective Heat Insulation Panels. A video by knell Distributing in New York explains hydronic systems 4 . Here is more information about what radiant in-floor heating is, how it works, the benefits of radiant heat and where to find installers. For more on the pros and cons of each system and which might be better suited to you, see Radiant Floor Heating: Electric Cs. The HeatShield floor heating panels consist of insulated aluminium panels that reflect heat and optimize the efficiency of the floor heating system. The additional cost will depend on the amount of additional support needed, but if this is required be sure it's included in all cost estimates.

Veranda Stateroom, all with private verandas and premium amenities that include king-size beds with luxury linens, large showers, luxury toiletries, heated bathroom floors and large interactive flat-screen LCD TVs with movies-on-demand. Explorer Suites: The ship will feature 14 Explorer Suites, which are two-room suites ranging from 757 to 1,163 sq. ft. that offer sweeping views from wraparound private verandas as well as the most amenities and privileges of any category onboard. Two Pool Choices: In addition to the Main Pool with a retractable roof permitting any-season swimming, the ship features a first-of-its-kind glass-backed Infinity Pool cantilevered off the stern, allowing guests to swim surrounded by their destination. LivNordic Spa: In keeping with Viking's Nordic heritage, The Spa onboard is designed with the holistic wellness philosophy of Scandinavia in mindfrom the centuries-old tradition of the sauna to a Snow Grotto where snowflakes gently descend from the ceiling through chilled air. Linger over a Norwegian breakfast and a nautical history book. The Explorers' Lounge and Mamsen's gourmet deli are thoughtful spaces located at the bow and designed in the Scandinavian spirit, for complete relaxation and for marveling at sweeping views through double-height windows. The Wintergarden: Guests looking for serenity will find it in the Wintergarden. In this elegant space, guests can indulge in afternoon tea service under a canopy of Scandinavian trellised wood an homage to Norse mythology and Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life.

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By.eans of participating in the particular audit practice as well as being a Chosen Donor Walls Toronto, most of these fabricators will be able to provide the most suitable associated with symptoms in the industry with their client?le. Synchronized figure skating and ice hockey are team sports. Apart from trying to find hotels, find products and services offering airport taxis within Toronto, the best being the Pearson Airport Taxi. In 1863, the Toronto Police were also used as ?Indian fighters? during the Manitoulin Island Incident when some fifty natives armed with knives forced the fishery inspector William Gibbard and a fishery operation to withdraw from unceded tribal lands on Lake Huron. Add Convenience and Affordability to Your Trip Enjoy the natural beauties of Toronto, check out the best skyscrapers, explore all the adventurous parks and entertainment canters and shop at the most exclusive designers' stores in Toronto. We turned eastwards and strolled up Tank Residence Lane. It would be better to check about the credentials of the rental company and compare the prices charged by rental companies to check if this works out to be much better. W. 51 Division, 51 Parliament St. 52 Division, 255 Dundas St. The advantage of joining a car loyalty program is that usually they provide good discounts to its customer base that frequently used their services. The horse unit was formed in 1886 to provide crowd control and now stationed at the Horse Palace at the Canadian National Exhibition CNN .

In your search for a new look for your home, you may find that some simple methods can make the difference. You will be surprised at what small changes can do. If you are looking to make a change around your home, use the tips found in this article.

Any major renovations you have planned for your home should be reviewed by a professional. You can work closely with the professional to make sure you get the look you want. A professional has the knowledge to consider building codes, structural requirements and the design of functional plans to build your project.

There are many boring lampshades with no zest. You can pep up your lamp shades by getting some stencils and acrylic paint, and decorating them to your taste. Spicing up your lamp shades will make a surprising difference in the personality of a room.

Give the bubble in your old vinyl floor covering a shot! You can usually cut into it to let the air out. This can flatten that bubble at least on a temporary basis. After this you need to insert some glue to keep the floor sealed. You can find glue that is specially sold in a syringe to make this job as easy as possible.

Change your door hinge if its creaking. Find this component at any local hardware store. Take the old hinge off, and follow the directions to put your new one on. Then, ensure that the hinges are aligned and put the new pins in.

Vinyl is one of the best materials that you can use for tiling a floor. In most cases, installing vinyl is easy thanks to pre-applied adhesive; the resulting floor surface is durable, strong, and resists water and wear. Vinyl is available in many sizes and materials, so it is easy to purchase just enough for a small or large area.

A fresh coat of paint is the quickest and easiest home improvement project to tackle. Fresh paint can quickly and cheaply make a house look brand new. Fresh paint makes your home more attractive to buyers.

While some people love complex home improvement jobs like carpentry, many others can find as much joy in simpler jobs like interior design. Changing out colors and adding in new fabrics can really change the look and feel of a room. Keep the tips from this article in mind when you are moving ahead with your home improvement projects!

Diagram.ia .ustainability Workshop . 4. Despite its name, radiant floor heating depends heavily on convection, the natural circulation of heat within a room as air warmed by the floor rises. Here is more information about what radiant in-floor heating is, how it works, the benefits of radiant heat and where to find installers. UL LISTED Includes Mat, Thermostat and Install Monitor. Efficiency is another great reason to install an electric or hydronic heated floor . Electric systems either use cables built into the floor generally in new construction or electrically conductive plastic mats mounted on the sub floor under tile or other flooring material. Call our toll free number from the U.S. and Canada at 1-888-432-8932 between 8 AM and 5 PM Central Time, Monday through Friday. Electric Heated Floor Systems           © 2015 Nuheat Industries Ltd. The additional cost will depend on the amount of additional support needed, but if this is required be sure it's included in all cost estimates. Hydronic liquid systems are the most popular and cost-effective radiant heating systems for heating-dominated climates.

The hotel amenities are spread out over the first four floors of the building. The hotel has a separate entrance at 27 Barclay Street, and the restaurant can be accessed directly at 99 Church Street. "The opening of Four Seasons Hotel Downtown is the capstone on a banner year for Lower Manhattan," Larry Silverstein said in a statement. "This year we opened the World Trade Center Transportation Hub, along with dozens of new shops and restaurants. Downtown has fully returned as a premier place for business, and visitors are coming to Lower Manhattan in record numbers." The condos above the hotel, which can be entered on Park Place, began closings in August , and less than a week after that, some units had begun appearing there as pricey rentals . The condo section has a total of 157 apartments, 75 percent of which have currently sold. A penthouse there on the 82nd floor claims to have the highest outdoor space in the city at over 900-feet above ground. The priciest apartment to have sold there so far was a five-bedroom apartment that was listed for $29.5 million. Amenities available to residents in the building include a 75-foot heated indoor pool, a fitness center, a childrens play area, and a lounge all spread out over 6,500 square feet.

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When.ntering a room, the occupant can increase the temperature setting and be comfortable within minutes. Expedited shipping is available for those with tight deadlines. Heated floors also come with additional health benefits. How does radiant floor heating work? Like any type of electric heat, radiant panels can be expensive to operate, but they can provide supplemental heating in some rooms or can provide heat to a home addition when extending the conventional heating system is impractical. Lack of one or the other is a deal breaker. You can further categorize these types by installation. Electric radiant heat is provided by electric under floor heating cable. The floor heating mats are compatible with all standard sub-flooring materials, and its low 3/16-inch 3 mm profile, also make ComfortTile heat cable ideal for renovations. A video by knell Distributing in New York explains hydronic systems 4 .

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14 Oct 2016 

By Bros Erickson VINE VOICE on March 7, 2015 formats: Hardcover Vine Customer Review of Free Product What's this? Please enter a valid email address. Combine that with our free shipping policy with no minimum purchase and our commitment to exceptional customer service and you'll be hard-pressed to find lower lighting prices or better service anywhere else. If you need inspiration, view our Shop By Room section for hundreds of stylish home décor photos, or visit one of our social media sites for the latest design news. One Year Guarantee! Ceiling lights, wall lights, outdoor lighting, ceiling fans and lamps are always we can help you add beautiful light to your interior design scheme. Sometimes lighting can make all the difference in a room and the best furniture/textiles/accessories won't shine in a room with bad lighting. Have a question?

Matthews. A second location opened at Louisville's Middletown Commons in June 2015, and the restaurant debuted in Lexington at the University of Kentucky later that year in August. A fourth location opened in Bowling Green at 2825 Scottsville Road in May. Each restaurant makes its own dough from scratch, using a recipe developed by critically-acclaimed Executive Chef Bradford Kent (the "Pizza Whisperer"), which requires a 24-hour fermentation period to produce his signature light-as-air, crisp crust. For pizza fans with specific dietary needs, Blaze Pizza offers gluten-free dough and vegan cheese. The new Louisville restaurant will also feature a selection of wine and draft beer. The authenticity of Blaze Pizza, along with its culture that focuses on the happiness of its guests and crew, has been the key to the concept's nationwide popularity and expansion. Blaze's close attention to detail extends well beyond the food, as seen by its carefully considered, modern approach to restaurant design. Award-winning design architect Ana Henton has added several unique, modern touches to the new Louisville location, including an oversized wall mural custom designed to suit the space.

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Features.n open kitchen design which allows guests to watch their order being prepared. edit Arkady Bistro safe, 3631 Dixie Rd near Burnhamthorpe, ? 905 624-5726, 18 . There is also an authentic Japanese park right in the City Centre as well as 9 picnic parks, many of them offering barbecue facilities.   Ample free parking. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario. This small village is where the renowned mayor of Mississauga, Hazel McCall ion, resides. In the community of Erin Mills. Portions are very generous for the price. edit Fishing.

Home improvement may send you into despair and overwhelming thoughts of things you won't be able to complete. To be sure, there are a number of easy projects that can be completed by a novice. Ultimately home improvements are beneficial; this article is going to give you some tips about home improvement work you can do by yourself.

As you tackle home improvements, be mindful to observe your surroundings, making sure to do just those projects that are sensible. For instance, having an uncovered deck in Arizona or a sun room that has no ventilation in Michigan would be nonsensical renovations that will have potential buyers questioning your house upkeep decisions. Stick with things that are popular, and do not veer from the neighborhood norm.

One way you can improve your home is by installing solar panels. Though the initial outlay may be high, the longer term savings may be great. This reduces your utility bills thanks to stored energy. In addition, this is a green option that benefits Mother Earth!

After a while, ceramic tile loses its shine and looks grungy and worn. Mix some water and vinegar to make a solution that will work for many floors. Simply fill a bucket or bin with vinegar and water, and mop away. Your floors will look fresh and clean when you are done.

A great way to save some money in the winter on heating is to put insulation in the attic. When a home does not have proper insulation, it will lose heat, since it rises. You can purchase this insulation at a hardware shop and you will be able to install it yourself.

If you want to resell your home, you should focus on the bathroom. Buyers can easily customize the majority of rooms, but make sure your bathroom is attractive and in good working order. Make sure the sink and tub/shower are in good shape, if not, replace them. If you have linoleum flooring, consider putting in tile.

Don't decide on any major home renovations without taking a look at homes in brand new subdivisions. You will see the colors and styles and better understand how your house could look, more so than in the hardware store. Often, model homes will have been decorated by a professional who has incorporated many style options to bring the home together. Simply follow their designs to give your home that same level of appeal.

As mentioned before lots of projects are accessible, even to newbies. The tips in this article will help to guide them to success. When you are finished, you will feel a deep sense of pride.

Amazingly it produces... This 9W LED Bulb replaces up to a 75W conventional spot lamp with a E27 medium screw bas... 8W LED Dimmable LED House Hold Bulb Replaces up to 60W 8W LED Dimming House Hold Light Bulb The EagleLight Dimming LED House Hold bulb offers a wider distribution of light than most LED light bulbs due to the corn cob configuration ... Look for top names like Robert Abbey, Weiss, and Schonbek. All in all, this is classic textbook on all things about interior lightning design. LED Interior Starter Kits LEDGlow?s Expandable Interior LED Lighting Kits are available in solid and multi-color options, and will add illumination to the areas under your dashboard, under your seats, or your foot wells. The guide explains the importance of the integrating lighting design with the overall interior design, and how lighting conditions have enormous emotional impact on people. Thank you for your feedback. Comment Was this review helpful to you?

The new jury of specialists from the design world and the carpet industry also includes interior designer Vanessa Brady from London, Wilhard Kuhne, carpet expert and buyer from Dogern in Germany, Kustaa Saksi, designer and graphic artist from the Netherlands, and Hadi Teherani, architect and designer based in Hamburg. The panel will select the best and most original designer carpets and rugs, which represent a special combination of design, quality and artisan skills. This coveted award will be presented at the 2017 event for the twelfth time at Domotex. STEPHANIE ODEGARD Stephanie Odegard is renowned worldwide for the superlative quality of her luxury products and her unique design flair. She was one of the first carpet designers in recent decades to have combined the matt texture of wool with the subtle shimmer of silk in a hand-made carpet. Odegard set a new global standard with this unusual mix of raw materials aaaaaaAAaaaaasAAaaasAa both with her variations on traditional floral motifs and with her classic tone-on-tone colorways. Her designs are characterized by the use of natural dyes in carpets that are made from hand-spun and hand-knotted wool sourced from the Himalayas. Many of Odegard's signature designs draw their inspiration from the natural world. But she is also inspired by traditional Tibetan motifs, such as tiger skins and Buddhist symbols, ornately delicate wrought-iron work, architecture and the collections of antique textiles in the Art Institute of Chicago. The name Odegard is also associated with a passionate commitment to social responsibility. Her support and encouragement have helped private carpet workshops in Nepal and other countries to improve the economic and social conditions of their local communities. She has received numerous awards and prizes, including the "Hamptons Cottages & Garden Innovative Designer Award" of the New York House Magazine (2012), and the "Innovative Green Design Award" (2010). "Back in 1987 I was one of the first to work on developing new designs, and I have seen how the contemporary carpet scene has evolved amazingly over the last 30 years and really made its mark.

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They are all unique in form and function, and can be mixed and matched according to style to create dynamic settings. Refine your Interior lighting selection using the subcategories shown on the left or filter the overview by designer, manufacturer or theme. Gary Gordon's Interior Lighting for Designers is now in its fifth addition, which shows how quality this book is. Sorry, we failed to record your vote. As a former electrician it seems most people don't give much thought to lighting when building or remodelling, they might agonize over the counter tops, the flooring, paint colon and so forth, but if any thought is given to the lighting it is mostly whether or not the fixture fits into the design. Please try again. Comment Was this review helpful to you? FAST SHIP! This is an amazing book if you want to learn about lighting, how best to use it, and how best to make it work for you. Shop with confidence knowing that every purchase is backed by our hassle-free 60-day return policy and our 120% Price Protection Policy that guarantees you the lowest possible price.

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